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Teaching Staff

St. Mary’s is a mixed, voluntary aided Catholic primary day school.

It is a small, rural primary school with four classes – 2 Infant and 2 Junior.


Headteacher               Mr P.M. Hennessy

Assistant Head         Mrs K. Scott

Reception               Mrs K. Scott

Year 1/2                  Miss V. Eccleson

Year 3/4                   Miss S. Byrne

Year 5/6                    Miss R. Webb

Additional teacher   Miss Z Rafferty


Support staff


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs B. Hall, Mrs  G. Weston, Mrs  M. Davidson, Ms  Flanagan  & Mrs C. Byrne


Secretary                Miss A. Berry


Cleaner                   Mrs  B. Hall


Lunchtime Supervisors   Mrs  A. Walker & Mrs  M. Davidson


Maintenance                   Mr Lloyd 


Kitchen Officer          Mrs. C. Reeves