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Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4


Class Teacher: Miss Byrne
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Weston


Welcome to year 3 and 4's class page. Find out about what we're learning this term and take a look at some of our experiences in the photographs further down the page.

Spring 2018

Useful information:


​PE: Every Tuesday - all Y3/4 children to wear their full PE kit.

Swimming: Every Thursday - children wear their full PE kit and bring a swimming bag containing their swimming kit.

Homework: Reading book, spellings and homework (English and maths) to be given out and collected in every Tuesday.


Subjects and topics this term:

  • ​RE

In our classroom we work as a team and look after each other. Through Religious Education and RSE we learn how to live out the catholic values of our school by caring for each other and showing respect for all people.



Giving and receiving

Self discipline

  • ​English

Reading is an important part of English so we encourage reading throughout the whole of the school day. Reading everyday helps us to become more confident writers. We are also developing our knowledge of punctuation, spelling and grammar through a variety of reading and writing experiences.


Myths and legends

Stories about imaginary worlds



Non-chronological reports


Traditional poems 

Performance poems


  • ​Maths​:

In mathematics we are developing our mathematical knowledge in all areas such as number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, measurements, geometry and statistics.We also practise our times tables and number bonds on a daily basis.

*Practising times tables and telling the time at home is also an excellent way to improve children's knowledge and confidence in the classroom!


Place value and decimals

Mental addition and subtraction

Written addition and subtraction

Measures and data

Fractions and decimals

Time, shape and data

Multiplication and division


  • ​Science


Living things and their habitat

  • Computing

Writing for different audiences


  • History  



  • Art and design

Food and Healthy Eating

  • Spanish



Age- saying how old I am


Design and Technology

Design and Technology 1
Design and Technology 2
Design and Technology 3
Design and Technology 4
Design and Technology 5
Design and Technology 6
Design and Technology 7
Design and Technology 8

Science- Sound

Science- Sound 1
Science- Sound 2
Science- Sound 3
Science- Sound 4

We've been working hard in class!

We've been working hard in class! 1
We've been working hard in class! 2
We've been working hard in class! 3
We've been working hard in class! 4
We've been working hard in class! 5
We've been working hard in class! 6
We've been working hard in class! 7
We've been working hard in class! 8
We've been working hard in class! 9

Physical Education

Physical Education 1
Physical Education 2
Physical Education 3
Physical Education 4
Physical Education 5
Physical Education 6
Physical Education 7
Physical Education 8
Physical Education 9
Physical Education 10
Physical Education 11
Physical Education 12
Physical Education 13
Physical Education 14
Physical Education 15
Physical Education 16
Physical Education 17
Physical Education 18
Physical Education 19
Physical Education 20
Physical Education 21