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Year 5/6

Welcome to Year 5/6!


Our teachers are Miss Webb and Mrs Byrne. 


In our classroom we love to learn! We each have jobs and responsibilities and work together to make our classroom a happy and friendly place. We are the oldest children in the school and are fantastic role models for the younger children. 


Each day starts with a maths lesson. In year 5/6 we love maths, especially solving problems and practical activities! After break, we have a literacy lesson. We work on our reading and comprehension skills as well as writing and grammar. In the afternoons we have collective worship and learn about interesting topics!


Homework and Spellings

Homework will usually be given on Friday, due in for the following Tuesday. Spellings are given once a week and spelling tests are on Tuesday. Please can I stress how important it is that children in year 5 and 6 work on their times tables. Being rapid and accurate with times tables is so important for all areas of maths! Alongside this, children are expected to read their school reading book or their own book at home.



PE for the summer term will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please can children come to school in PE uniform on these days. 



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Year 5/6 is a very busy place to be! Take a look at some of the things we will be learning about this term:



Measure: Finding the area and perimeter of a range of shapes including triangles, parallelograms and rectilinear shapes. 

Scaling and Ratio: Solving simple problems involving scaling and ratio. 



Drama: Mr William Shakespeare's Plays By Marcia Williams- Children will write and perform their own modern play scripts

Tuesday by David Wiesner- Children will write newspaper reports based on the book.



Unity: How the Eucharist enables people to live in communion. 



Forces: Children will investigate lots of forces such as gravity, air resistance and water resistance and explore pulleys, levers and gears. 



Children will take part in PE sessions led by Mr McLaughlin and by the class teacher. This term includes Basketball and fitness.



At the Cafe: Children will take part in role play ordering food and drinks. 



Natural resources: Children will learn about natural resources and the effect of using these. Children will learn about wind turbines and fracking. 



Structures: Children will design, make and evaluate simple structures such as a playground rain shelter.