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2021-2022 Celebration of work

Year 3 & 4 creating bug houses for their topic on animals including humans. They observed over time and identified the types of animals which lived there.

Year 3 & 4 observing the growth of cress seeds for Science Week 20022

Science Week 2022! As a school we completed lots of science activities on the theme of growth. We then designed our own posters on the theme of growth.

Year 3&4 labelling different parts of a human skeleton

Year 1/2 Observing flowers and discussing the parts of a flower.

Year 1/2 Investigating which materials would be more suitable for Geraldine the giraffe's umbrella! We poured water onto the materials and discussed which material would be best.

Rocks - investigating properties of different types of rocks

Tooth decay investigation

Investigating the digestive system

Researching barn owl habitats using the laptops as research.

Forces investigation

Chemical Reactions

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