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In Geography, we aim to help our children gain an understanding of the world in which they live. This includes the school’s environment which is beautifully suited to developing geographical skills. Our children are also given the opportunity to discover about cultures other than their own and places which provide a contrast to their familiar surroundings. Studies are enriched by enjoyable visits to such places as Martin Mere or The  Blue Planet Aquarium.  Recently our year 5 and 6 class visited the Southport Eco Centre where children were given the opportunity to learn more about natural resources.  Leaders at the Eco Centre were very impressed with the behaviour and pleasant attitude of the children who all took part with enthusiasm. 


We are currently studying the Year A topics, which you can find more information about in the links below. 



Our School

Wonderful Weather


Our School

Wonderful Weather


Year 1 & 2 Year A

Our Local Area

Our Country

Besides the Seaside

Year 1 & 2

Wonderful World or Let's go to China

Magical Mapping

Sensational Safari


Year 3 & 4 Year A

Extreme Earth or Land use


The UK

Year 3 & 4 Year B


All Around the World or What is it like in Sheffield?

Somewhere to Settle


Year 5 & 6 Year A

Marvellous Maps or Magnificent Mountains 

Enough for Everyone

Exploring Eastern Europe 

Year 5 & 6 Year B

Raging Rivers or The Amazing Americas 

Our Changing World

Trading and Economic Activity