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EYFS Year A & B 

Topics will vary depending on class interests The curriculum shall build upon children’s progress within the prime areas of learning (C&L, PSED & PD) and development and the following specific areas:

Throughout the children's topics, the teachers will provide opportunities for the children to use the outdoor learning facilities and the world around them to deepen their learning. 


ELG: Past and Present

Children at the expected level of development will:

- Talk about the lives of the people around them and their roles in society;

- Know some similarities and differences between things in the past and now, drawing on their experiences and what has been read in class;

- Understand the past through settings, characters and events encountered in books read in class and storytelling.

Year 1 & 2 Year A

The Great Fire of London

Kings and Queens

Significant Explorers

Year 1 & 2 Year B

War and Remembrance

The Gunpowder Plot

Nurturing Nurses


Year 3 & 4 Year A

The Romans

Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

The Railways

Year 3 & 4 Year B

Ancient Egypt

Riotous Royalty

Crime and Punishment 


Year 5 & 6 Year A

Stone Age - Iron Age

The Shang Dynasty

Leisure and Entertainment 


Year 5 & 6 Year B

Ancient Greece

Mayan Civilisation

World War 2