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Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Test Results

Key Stage 2 Results  2019 – summary


Percentage achieving the expected level in reading, writing and maths: 77%


Progress scores are presented as positive and negative numbers either side of zero. A score of 0 means pupils in this school, on average, do about as well at key stage 2 as those with similar prior attainment nationally. A positive score means on average more progress than similar pupils nationally and a negative score means on average less progress than similar pupils nationally.

Average progress in reading: 0.4

Average progress in writing: -2.9

Average progress in maths:  0.5


Average  scaled  score  in reading: 107

Average scaled score in maths: 108

Average scaled score in gps* test: 110


Percentage achieving expected standard in reading: 92%

Percentage achieving expected standard in writing: 77%

Percentage achieving expected standard in gps* test: 85%

Percentage achieving expected standard in maths: 85%


Percentage achieving a high standard in reading: 31%

Percentage working at a greater depth within the expected standard  in writing: 15%

Percentage of pupils achieving a high standard in maths: 31%

Percentage achieving a high standard in gps*: 69%

Percentage of pupils achieving a higher level of attainment in reading, writing and maths: 15%


*gps: grammar,spelling, punctuation test