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St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Catholic Life of St. Mary's & The Wednesday Word

In God's light, we love, learn and grow together

We are a Catholic Primary School in the rural village of Little Crosby. It is our mission to welcome everyone into our school community to love, learn and grow together through God’s light and Gospel values. We want children to gain a love of learning in a safe, welcoming environment in partnership with our teachers, parish, parents and carers. Our goal is to develop the full human potential of each unique individual.

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The Wednesday Word:
Simplifying Scripture for Schools

The Primary School Wednesday Word is an outreach which shares Sunday's Gospel with all school families in a unique way. Please click on the images below for the weekly scripture.  This is a weekly Gospel 'gift' from the school to the whole family.



1. Kingdom of God

2. Calm

3. Faith

4. Welcome

5. Listening 

6. Summer Holiday


2. Growing

3. Love

4. Care

5. Pentecost


6. May Half term



1. Enthusiasm 

2. Self Giving

3. Follow

4-6 Lent and Easter  


1. New Start

2. Community

3. Teacher

4. Healing

5. Feb Half Term

The third column.


1. Forgiveness

2. Generous

3. Change

4. Messenger

5. Invitation

6. October Half Term

7. Wisdom

8. Talent

9. Kindness

10. Advent

11. Hope

12. December Term Break