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St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement

  ‘In God’s light,

we lovelearn and grow


Aims and Vision

Our vision is to raise the achievements, both academic and spiritual, of all children at St Mary’s. It is set firmly within the context of our school’s mission statement 

We welcome everyone into our school community to love, learn and grow together through God’s light and Gospel values.

Our creative curriculum built around our rural area helps to prepare every child for an ever changing world built on respect and allowing them to shine.

We want children to gain a love of learning in a safe, welcoming environment in partnership with our Teachers, parish, parents and carers with Our Core Gospel Values central to everything we do.

Our goal is to develop the full human potential of each unique individual in an environment where Core Gospel Values are demonstrated. 



  • To provide a challenging curriculum that inspires all children to achieve their potential
  • To develop lively and enquiring minds and consolidate the skills and abilities necessary to secure success of the highest personal academic achievement
  • To recognise the RE programme as the keystone of the curriculum
  • To maximise useful opportunities for learning stemming from the rural environment
  • To provide an education which will prepare each pupil for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life


  • To ensure the children have a clear voice and are listened to
  • To strive to communicate effectively with all members of school community
  • To encourage participation in local pastoral and spiritual celebrations

Our Core Gospel Values

  • For everyone to show love, kindness, respect, compassion, forgiveness, truth and justice to each other
  • To live out Gospel values by supporting a range of charitable causes
  • To live out the faith through daily prayer, work and play
  • To try and live in the image and likeness of God