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Physical Education (PE)

Y1/2 (A)/(B):  multi-skills - physical movement, balance, eye-co-ordination, core stability; Dance - body awareness, move-to-learn, spatial awareness; gymnastics - outside travel, avoiding obstacles, changing pace and direction; ball skills - throwing, catching, racket skills; basic athletics - athletic activities linked to sports day.


Y3/4 (A)/ (B): multi-skills - movement, balance, coordination, stability; African dance - movement, spatial awareness; swimming - basic strokes/safety;  gymnastics; ball skills; throwing and catching; athletics; outdoor and adventurous activities such as kayaking at a local water sports centre.


Y5/6 (A)/(B): physical movement, balance, fitness; dance - body/spatial awareness, movement; gymnastics; swimming - developing style/strokes and safety;  striking and fielding, fitness; athletics; outdoor and adventurous activities including a visit to a local water sports centre for e.g. dragon boating.


(A/B denote the first/second years of a two year teaching cycle).

Swimming  requirements  - Y6 cohort - 2018/19


Percentage of the above cohort meeting the national curriculum requirement to swim confidently, proficiently and efficiently  over a distance of at least 25m: 100%


Percentage of cohort who can use a range of strokes effectively (eg front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke): 10m front and back only - 100%; 25m front and back only - 93%; 25m front, back and breast stroke - 43%.


Percentage of cohort able to perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations (eg treading water and collecting brick) - 100%.