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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Policy 21-22

Pupil Premium is an additional government grant which is added to the main funding that schools receive in their annual budgets. Pupil Premium is allocated to pupils who are currently registered for free school meals or who have received free school meals at any time in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6, FSM’).  

The aim of the Pupil Premium funding is to support eligible children who may be vulnerable to under-achievement and address any attainment gaps.  As well as focusing upon academic endeavours, it may also be appropriate to provide support to nurture their well-being and to provide these children with access to a variety of enriching experiences.


The school will evaluate the impact on each pupil at half-termly intervals. Evaluation will consider academic gains and how pupils’ self-confidence has developed as a consequence of the intervention and support. The strategy for the pupil premium will be reviewed in July.

 Pupil premium grant (PPG) received 2017/18:  £7920

Pupil premium grant (PPG) received 2018/19:  £9240

Pupil premium grant (PPG) received 2019/20:  £11540


Pupil premium grant (PPG) received 2020/21 (? pupils):  £15795



This was a difficult year to assess as much time was missed due to the pandemic.  All monies went towards lesson packs, resources, extra teaching and tutoring, extra food parcels as well as extra sports, mindfulness and teaching.



Pupil Premium Grant (PPG): £18830 (Subject to October census)

Number of pupils entitled to PPG funding 13/105

% of pupils entitled to PPG funding September 2021 - 17%


Salary cost (50% contribution) '1 to 1' teaching, Pastoral Support Worker = 14,000

Specialists (Inclusion Consultant/ Educational Phycologist) = 1000

Support staff costs for pupil support = 2000

Learning resources = 550

Contribution to activities/trips/Sports clubs = 770

Contribution to Breakfast Club / After school club = 510


Please not that any additional spending will come from alternative budget lines


Impact 2021-2022