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Welcome to Reception!


  • Autumn Term
  • We are extremely happy to welcome the new children and their families to our lovely family orientated village school. They are all looking lovely and smart in their uniforms, coats and book bags. Can we just remind parents to make sure all their clothes are clearly labelled and to check this regularly. Snack money is due in every term and is £7.00 for this half term. This covers extra milk, extra fruit, biscuits, juice, toast, assembly treats and extra-curricular items.

The children are starting to settle in well to their new routines and are enjoying exploring and learning in their new classroom. Over the year the children will make new friends and establish our class and school rules and routines.



Every week the children will participate in RE lessons. This term the themes are;


Myself - I will know that God knows and loves everyone

Welcome- I will know about Baptism and its welcome into God's family

Birthday -  I will understand Jesus' birthday and how people look forward to it

Judaism as another faith. Often this will consist of a class trip or a speaker.


The children will also be learning traditional prayers like the Hail Mary and Our Father alongside their class prayers.


Children will take part in collective worship daily.



The children will also have a daily maths lesson with topics altering weekly. The topics will be based around number recognition, ordering numbers, recognising values of money, properties of 2D and 3D shapes, measurements and the beginnings of calculation. Lots of their learning will be hands on, visual and through song. On occasion the children may receive maths homework to help embed what they are doing in class.



Each morning the children will also take part in a phonic lesson. This term we are focusing on Phase 1 & 2 letters and sounds. The sounds and graphemes they are learning this term are:

  • Set 1: s, a, t, p
    Set 2: i, n, m, d
    Set 3: g, o, c, k
    Set 4: ck, e, u, r
    Set 5: h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

The children will also learn a set of 'tricky words'.  They are called tricky because they can not be sounded out.  Therefore, children need to learn them for how they look.  the tricky words for Phase 2 are:

I, the, no, go, to, into



This autumn term the children will complete 3 topics.

Topic 1- Ourselves and Families

Topic 2- Stories with repeat patterns: Chants and Rhymes

Topic 3- Traditional Tales about homes



The topic throughout the term will change depending on the children's interests. They will be doing topics on Myself, Autumn and Winter. There will also be additional topics throughout but these will be planned according to the children.



P.E will be every Monday and Friday and the children will come to school in their PE kits. They do not need to bring a change of clothes with them. Their PE kit is a navy blue tracksuit or black shorts with a white polo t-shirt and black pumps/trainers.




Every week the children will take home a new reading book to practise. If they read regularly they may have new books mid-week also. We encourage reading as much as possible and if you could hear your child read a few times a week this would help with their progress. We do ask that your child brings in their reading books and diaries daily so they can also read in school. The children will have a spelling test every Monday and will receive new spellings after their test also. The children will be monitored weekly and their spellings will be differentiated accordingly. Spellings will commence after the first half term. 

The children will receive weekly 'Home Learning' activities to complete, the activities are completely optional however help to embed learning at home.


The Early Years staff are always there to help and talk to you over any concerns before and after school. If there is a problem and the teacher isn’t available, ring the school secretary Miss Berry and book an appointment, it will be dealt with quickly.


We look forward to working with you over the year in supporting your child making the most progress through their learning journey.


Miss Lloyd (Class Teacher) Mrs Hall ( Teaching Assistant)



Welcome to our new reception children!

Welcome to our new reception children! 1
Welcome to our new reception children! 2
Welcome to our new reception children! 3
Welcome to our new reception children! 4
Welcome to our new reception children! 5
Welcome to our new reception children! 6
Welcome to our new reception children! 7
Welcome to our new reception children! 8
Welcome to our new reception children! 9
Welcome to our new reception children! 10
Welcome to our new reception children! 11
Welcome to our new reception children! 12
Welcome to our new reception children! 13

We have had a lovely first week in reception class, the children are starting to fit into their new routine and are creating lots of lovely friendships.

Reception have really enjoyed our story The Gingerbread Man! We have had so much fun making our own and discussing the story!

Reception class are working so hard this term! We are really enjoying learning our letter sounds in phonics.

Our PE lesson

Our PE lesson  1
Our PE lesson  2
Our PE lesson  3
Our PE lesson  4
Our PE lesson  5
Our PE lesson  6
Our PE lesson  7
Our PE lesson  8
Our PE lesson  9
Our PE lesson  10
Our PE lesson  11
Our PE lesson  12
Our PE lesson  13
Our PE lesson  14
Our PE lesson  15

We have enjoyed our topics this Autumn term! We particularly liked listening to 'We're going on a bear hunt' and also exploring all things Autumn.