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Any particular difficulties which may hinder the progress of a child are monitored, assessed and tracked vigorously in school. When necessary, parents are consulted and specialist advice and support can be obtained from the Sefton Teaching and Psychology Service.


Most initial needs can be met through the normal differentiated curriculum in the classroom as part of the Quality First Teaching. If required, the child could be moved into the next stage which is Enhanced Quality First, with extra in-class support provided by the school. If progress is not being made then the next stage would be Intervention which may require involvement from other services and agencies. The final stage would be for the child to be placed on the schools SEND register. This could be done at any stage if it is deemed necessary.


If parents are concerned about their child’s progress, the first step is to make an appointment with the class teacher. If required, the school Special Needs Coordinator will be consulted and contact may be made with other agencies. A program of study will be tailored to the needs of particular children and the progress of those children will be monitored and reviewed every half term by the class teacher, SENCO *if appropriate), Assistant Head and Head Teacher.

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