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Year 1/2

Times of the school day:

9.10- Children arrive

10.30-10.45 Morning break

11.45-12.30- Lunch time

2.15-2.30- Afternoon break

3.20- Home time



  • Autumn Term


  • I am extremely happy to welcome the new Year One and Two class back to our lovely school.  I understand that this may be a daunting yet exciting experience for both children and parents, however, I vow to do my best in easing the children back into school life and in making their return to school fun and enjoyable.



The children will begin to settle into their new routines and their new classroom and begin to access a wider curriculum. This year the classroom teacher will be Miss Lloyd and the teaching assistants will be Miss Flanagan and Mrs Hall.


Just a few quick reminders:

  • The children will be doing PE on Mondays and Fridays. Please Send the children in full PE kit on those days.
  • The children may bring a small healthy snack into school to eat for breaktime- such as a cereal bar etc. Fruit will be offered to children during breaktime.
  • The children can bring in their own water bottle to keep in class which they can access throughout the day. Please make sure your child’s name is written clearly on their water bottle and ensure that it is a reusable bottle, please no disposable bottles.
  • The children may bring a small bag into school each day, but no toys/ items are to be brought into school, please ensure that they are left at home.
  • Children may bring in a small pencil case containing their stationery; however, this must remain at school and should not be taken home.
  • In September, all children will require a packed lunch. The infant children will receive a free packed lunch provided by school; however, children can bring their own packed lunch from home if preferred.


Reading and spelling in Year 1/2

Your child will be given a reading book and a reading diary to bring home and read every week. Please listen to your child read as much as possible, I will change reading books every Thursday. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 I cannot change them more frequently, as books handed in will need to be cleaned and left for at least 48 hours.The children will also have lots of opportunities to read and enjoy books throughout the week at school and at home. Your child will have a spelling test each Monday with new spellings being given out on Tuesday to learn throughout the week. Please encourage the children to engage with their spellings as much as possible!


Homework: I will be uploading homework onto SeeSaw each Friday, which is then  due to be submitted before the following Friday. This will either be a Maths or English task to embed work in class or could be a piece of homework to engage the children into a topic. 



Every week the children will participate in RE lessons.

This term we are focusing on the theme of ‘Families- Beginnings’ We will be discussing our experiences and feelings about new beginnings and listening to psalms to remind us that God was with us even from the very beginning.


The children will also be learning traditional prayers like the Hail Mary and Our Father alongside their class prayers.


Children will take part in collective worship daily and will begin to take ownership of planning and leading aspects of collective worship.





The children will have a daily maths lesson with topics altering weekly. We are beginning the term by focusing on place value within number, as well as being able to order and count numbers 1-100. The children will be ordering and comparing numbers on a number line and finding one more and one less of a number. We will then move on to partitioning numbers and recalling number bonds and solving addition and subtraction.

Mathematical fluency is vital as the children progress throughout the school, therefore please recap number bonds, simple times tables (2’s, 5’s. 10’s) as much as possible with your child so that the children are secure.




Every morning I will be teaching a phonics input to both year one and two,  I will be beginning the term recapping phase 3 phonemes and when the children are secure I will be introducing/ recapping phase 4 and 5 phonics and introducing spelling patterns for year two children.


Phase 3:

Letters Set 6:  j v w x  Set 7: y z, zz  qu  

Consonant digraphs:  ch  sh  th ng Vowel digraphs: ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure


Phase 4: To consolidate children’s knowledge of graphemes in reading and spelling words containing adjacent consonants and longer words eg. children , sandpit.

can blend adjacent consonants in words and apply this skill when reading unfamiliar texts, (CCVC, CVCC, CCVCC) step   list     clap    grasp   strap

 Can segment adjacent consonants in words and apply this in spelling.


Phase 5: Children broaden their knowledge of graphemes and phonemes for use in reading and spelling !

Learn new graphemes and alternative pronunciations !

Learn to choose the appropriate graphemes when spelling and begin to build up word knowledge






This Autumn term we are beginning our English topic by exploring stories in a familiar setting. We are going to be looking at some exciting stories such as ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and ‘Whatever Next’. We will be writing descriptive sentences and planning and writing our own stories.



We have some really exciting topics coming up this term, in Art and Design the children will become sculptors and will be using various materials to make their own sculpture. In Science, we will be investigating materials, exploring and finding mini-beasts and discussing our own pets! We will then be discussing what pets need to be happy and healthy. In Computing, we will be discussing E-Safety and will explore how to use PurpleMash software. In History, the children will be looking at significant people and events from the past and will be focusing on war and remembrance. In PSHE, we will be talking about our families and friends and people who care for us.


The Year 1/2 staff are always there to help and talk to you over any concerns before and after school. If there is a problem and the teacher isn’t available, ring the school secretary Miss Berry and book an appointment, it will be dealt with quickly.


We look forward to working with you over the year in supporting your child making the most progress through their learning journey.


Miss Lloyd (Class Teacher) Mrs. Hall (Teaching Assistant), Miss Flanagan (Teaching Assistant)